Trump Will Win In 2020

5 Reasons Trump Will Win Again in 2020

What if we tell you that Trump will win in 2020 and serve another 4 years?

Following the 2016 elections and Donald J. Trump becoming the president of the United States, many people, especially on social media reacted as if an apocalypse was about to take place.

Whether it was by celebrities or internet personalities, Trump and his administration were constantly under attack.

Today, almost 4 years later, the mere mention of the possibility of Trump running for office again in 2020 is enough to make leftists rant uncontrollably on Twitter.

These are five reasons why we think Donald J. Trump will win in 2020!

1. Left’s Propaganda Backfired

Democrats and left media outlets that have continuously attacked Trump since his inauguration, backfired and lead many people to try and find the reality about Trump’s policies.

Many of them expressed their intention to vote for him in the 2020 elections. Many more left the Democratic party in the #WalkAway movement.

2. The Economy is Booming!

The American economy that has been on a constant rise.

Numbers shared by President Trump in his 2018 state of the union speech that show the success of the tax reform bill and the historical rate of unemployment among blacks and Hispanics that his administration was able to achieve.

3. People Seeing left wing politics for what they really are

People starting to see left wing politics for what they really are. And the threat they pose to the pillars of American society, like freedom of speech, fiscal responsibility, and democracy.

They prompted a lot of people to feel fed up with said politics and decide to vote for Trump whose rhetoric they identify with most.

Reason 4: Trump has a Charismatic Personality

Unlike certain democratic candidates, Trump has a charismatic personality which makes his speeches much more understandable by the average American.

His straight forward manner of talking and responding to others is admired by his supporters and even his critics.

Reason 5:

In the 2016 elections, all the promises made by president Trump were realistic and achievable; in contrast, other candidates like Bernie Sanders whose policies were appealing but very impractical.


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