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Fifty Stars Apparel was born, raised and made with love by two Veteran friends living overseas. We wanted to state our love for America and its values, because we know how precious they are. Founded in 2014, we used different POD services, before finally creating our own store to take our passion to the next level, and guarantee a better user experience for you.

Fifty Stars Apparel is your online destination exclusively for patriotic fashion. We sell a huge range of products with patriotic and conservative designs.

We pride ourselves on providing high material quality and a smooth user experience through every phase. We use cutting-edge technology, carefully selected products and brands with a secure and easy-to-use payment system.

We also provide free standard shipping so you receive your items for free, as well as easy returns so our customers can shop with confidence.

Please note we are not associated with any other brands with a similar name. Fifty Stars Apparel is only available through

Other variations and styles do not represent us.

We are not affiliated with Trump or Trump Campaign.

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